Ericka de Jong – Chief Genie & Ambassador of Buzz

Ericka has spent many years as a leading Sales Guru, specializing in business growth, development and training.  As a Sales Leader and Training/Marketing Executive of over 15 years combined, she has had the rare opportunity to excel in the 2 different sides of “Business”.  She started in the field but after 8 years broke into the Executive Management side of the business.  Ericka was consistently recognized for breaking sales records and climbing to the top of her company titles.  She’s been described as having that driving force “to do the impossible” all while keeping the emphasis on fostering and maintaining solid customer relationships.  She has trained, lead and developed multi-million dollar sales teams… but will tell you that her constant goal was (and still is today) to just focus on people, focus on customers, focus on needs… and bring value.

As an Executive in Management and Sales Trainer, Ericka’s specialty was primarily focused on “Start-up Companies” and their development. She was able to bring that customer focused “in the trenches” experience to an Executive level. She is very articulate and has mad skills with needs analysis, presentations and creative problem solving.  Ericka has a solid track record for bringing and translating marketing intelligence into profitable solutions.

Ericka’s achievements include earning over 20 Incentive Trips, being featured in an article in a Magazine called “Empowering Women”, earning a Vehicle and having many blessed opportunities to engage people through public speaking and Conference Training.

HOWEVER,  despite her professional achievements Ericka will be the first one to tell you that under all that drive and determination is a Rock Solid “Blonde Goof Ball”. Ericka is a recent newly wed with a blended amazingly active family with 4 children.  “We are a traveling comedy show wherever we go”

Ericka’s Philosophy on Life: “You should never leave home without your LIP GLOSS, your CELL PHONE and your SENSE OF HUMOR”

Ericka’s Secret: I have a love/hate secret desire to eat Fruity Pebbles Cereal. I could eat the whole box…. so I just don’t buy it.  But without fail and on every visit to the Grocery Store, I secretly want to grab a box, hide it from my kids and sit with a Jethrow Bodine size bowl and chow down in Fruity Pebble heaven while watching marathon night of Scooby Doo or I Love Lucy!



Collette Horton – Main Brain & CAO, Chief Amazement Officer

Colette has been in the finance industry for over 25 years. She’s the “Money Expert” and has owned her own mortgage business for over 15 of those years. Some of those years (as you may remember) where not easy as a Mortgage Broker or business owner… but she is still here and still spreading her expertise everywhere she goes.

As a woman, a mom and a business owner, Collette has done the impossible at times. She is the EXPERT at doing what needs to be done to grow a business and reach new and repeat customers. She has seen and survived some leaner moments in the financial world and during those times, Collette learned a few tricks. She not only learned WHAT IT TAKES to make a business last…. but she learned how to get her business noticed and in front of her customers. Her marketing ideas and creative business approach have helped her to STAND OUT in customer service and FUN. Collette would tell you that sometimes we overlook the power of having fun, the power of technology and the power in mixing both of those things in a way that not only reaches a new customer, but also reaches their recall button when your service is once again needed in the future. In other words, she’s learned how to be remembered. If you haven’t seen some of Collette’s creative reaching (on wheels), then you are missing out on one VERY COOL antique car (slash billboard on wheels).

Collette is also known for some pretty amazing (and always Cool) ideas. Her customer appreciation parties (“May the 4th Be With You) on May 4th is just one of those examples. Collette is a Star Wars fan like no other, so tapping into that “FUN” concept, Collette holds a party once a year at a local Movie Theater where you will be surrounded by and mingling with life size Star Wars creatures… all while having the opportunity to watch all of the Star Wars Movies – all day long. She’s what you might call a “Mortgage Jedi” and clearly not your average mortgage broker or business owner.

That said though, Collette is not your average anything, she takes an above par, color outside of the lines and think outside of the box approach to everything!

I guess you could call her a Super Hero… but even a super hero or Jedi Mom has to take off her cape and relax at home. Collette is also the mother of 2 amazing children and the wife of a very lucky police officer in which they just celebrated 20 years of Marital Bliss. You will also find her enjoying a “coffee cup of the day” every morning at home and on social media. Her collection honestly has NO end, usually directly reflects her mood and can help you out with a daily laugh. The real mystery though is this “where does she actually keeps all of those mugs and how does she find that perfect MUG OF THE DAY without first having that needed cup of coffee to make that kind of big decision so early in the morning”.