Mobile Advertising and Marketing – Community Centered


One Stop Shop APP:

At Appy Chicks, we deliver a unique APP concept that provides a state of the art COOL type of community advertising. We use technology and the power of the cell phone to bring a customer’s unique business to his target audience, all while promoting it within his community.

We focus on the community. ¬†At Appy Chicks, Community is our center and we provide a “one stop shop app” that connects businesses to customers, services to needs, entrepreneurs to local supporters….and all through advertising that is hands on, in your hands, never out of reach, local and relevant to your everyday needs.

– Need the fax number of your child’s school?
– Need to know when the library closes?
– Need the menu for the local pizza place?
– Need the phone number for your Neighborhood POA?
– Need to see the calander for your school district?
– Need to know the 10 day forcast?
– Need to know what the latest sermon series is for your local church?

Our advertising is through community centered apps.

Our focus is R E A L:

Relevant to YOUR community
Everyday and all day information that YOU NEED
Always in your hands and always within reach
Local Businesses advertising to Local Customers